Marty Kersting

Chief Business Officer

With the credentials of a CPA and the vision of an entrepreneur, Marty can see beyond the numbers. He’s the go-to when people and processes need the support of a balanced view to find a solution. He also has the innate ability to look holistically and strategically at numbers, financials, and a strategic plan way beyond balance sheets and P&L reports. Marty tempers his consulting with a strong balance of simplicity and risk. Marty studied at Thomas More College and graduated with Bachelor of Arts Degrees in Accounting and Business Administration. He currently resides on the West Side of Cincinnati with his wife and four kids.

“A quote from the person that illustrates their point of view and experience in consulting and management”

Marty's recommended posts

Manage Your Board’s Expectations or Expect to Get Managed

There are plenty of assumptions made about “the smartest person in the room” and the traits that individual exhibits. I have a slightly different take on it.


Quit Holding Meetings That Waste Your Team’s Time

Destructive heroes are people who create exceptional results for your business, but leave a wake of collateral damage that exceeds the value of those results. This article explains more about who these people are and how to fix the problem.

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