Colin Crotty

Chief Executive Officer

With a diverse background in building and shaping businesses, Colin believes everything can and should be made better. As President & CEO, Colin is instrumental in positioning the STA business and ensuring that the firm provides clients with innovative, best-in-class consulting and fractional executive services. Colin is responsible for developing company and performance objectives and for providing leadership and oversight for firm functions, including business operations, sales, marketing, client development, and communications.

“A quote from the person that illustrates their point of view and experience in consulting and management”

Colin's recommended posts

One Leadership Attribute that Can Elevate Leaders from Good to Great

Four traits that I see regularly in above-average leaders: intellectual capacity, humility, drive & competitiveness, and emotional intelligence.


Rebuilding Cultural Capital in the Collaboration Economy

We pivot, we adapt, and we find a level of resilience we might not have tapped otherwise.


Identifying Marginal Performance Within Teams, and What to do Next

Marginal performers can survive in high-profit and fast-growing companies only because companies can afford to keep them or because growth is masking the fact that they are marginal.

Colin's Podcast Picks
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